LMD : 037 – Geoff Roberts – General Manager Power FM Radio Toowoomba

Welcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast: Today I am speaking to Geoff Roberts, the general manager of Power FM radio Toowoomba. Many of the people I have spoken to on this show have been simply exceptional people from multi millionaires to university professors, authors and business owners.  My aim is to show you that[…]


LMD : 036 – Dr Lorraine Hammond. Leader in the Dyslexia Community.

Welcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast: Welcome to the Luvin my Dyslexia Podcast. I am Stephen Anderson and this is session 35.  Today I am speaking to Dr Lorraine Hammond, Professor at the school of education at Edith Cowan University, President of learning difficulties Australia, on the board of several independent public schools and[…]