December 26, 2015

Cheryl about page

Hi, I am Cheryl. Actually I am not Cheryl, this is Stephen and until she writes a little bit about herself this is what is everyone gets to see.  I think she is pretty spectacular and when you listen to the loving my dyslexia podcast you will too. If you would like to tell her how great her podcast is and that you would like to know a lot more about her you can send her an email at cheryl@luvinmydyslexia.com and tell her Stephen sent you. 




Steve about page

Hi I am Stephen. The producer, co host, editor and web designer or Luvin My Dyslexia.  As well as that I am very proud to say that I found Cheryl slaving away being a mum and a hundred other things.  I am an ex tradesman - ex teacher - ex middle manager - ex barman - ex husband - ex small business owner to three failed and one successful small businesses - new husband, new podcaster & blogger and just to be a little bit different I am a Hypnotist and a self diagnosed dyslexic.