LMD : 025 Dean Bragonier – Founder & Executive Dyslexic of Noticeability.


Ep-025 DeanWelcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast:

Where today we speak to Dean Bragonier, Founder and Executive Dyslexic at Noticeability a nonprofit dedicated to creating a dyslexic-specific middle school curriculum, a not for profit dedicated to creating a dyslexic-specific middle school curriculum. which means he wants to show dyslexic kids their strengths early and unlocking their dyslexic potential.  You will hear the words of an inspirational man who is tackleing the game of dyslexia in a different way.  How easy dyslexics find it to enter into the more unsavory parts of our community and the high numbers of these kids in criminal detention and drug & alcohol rehabilitation.  Find their strengths early and they won’t need to choose to enter the groups with the lowest barrier to entry.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • The dyslexic brain has a legitimate proven structure that is different to the general population.
  • Dyslexic have a disproportionate amount of success in at least four careers.
  • These kids undertake the hardest aspect of their life first.
  • A younger brain has more plasticity so waiting to learn to read is not an option
  • Current system may produce a dyslexic student who can read and a malignant self esteem.
  • When they grow up believing they are broke it is easy to the wrong path, because of a low barrier to entry.
  • 50% of youth in criminal detention have dyslexia
  • 60% of youth in drug & alcohol rehab are dyslexic

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Dean:  “Every one knows that the educational environment is going to be a hostile place to your dyslexic kid and the last thing they need is to come home to mum and dad who are expressing disappointment that they are not picking it up fast enough”.

2 thoughts on “LMD : 025 Dean Bragonier – Founder & Executive Dyslexic of Noticeability.

  • Really loved listening to this podcast – gave me such positive feedback about my son who is dyslexic – all that was said was so relevant and found the information really helpful – Gives me Hope for my little man

  • Thank you, Dean for bringing a light. The journey through the school system is not easy. I review your videos on YouTube when I need the “pick me up”. Your making a difference…

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