LMD : 018 Jo Rees – Specialist Dyslexia Teacher, Advocate & Blogger


Ep-018 JoWelcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast:

Where today we talk to Jo Rees from the Isle of White.  (and just that name gives me an incredible visual of the most gorgeous black & white cow standing on rolling fields or the greenest grass) about her blog post ” Dyslexia 5 Things a Teacher Needs to Know about Working With Dyslexic Pupils”

But any way Jo and I talk about a blog post she has written, just to give you another way to get the information that Jo has to share.  Jo is a specialist dyslexic teacher, but I get the feeling that everything she had to say here was her experience talking. Rather than a three foot stack of Scientific studies.



Takeaways from this episode:

  • The Isle of white is somewhere below England.
  • When Jo was at school she thought she just wasn’t smart enough.
  • Lots of kids are really good at hiding that they are having trouble.
  • Catch it early don’t wait to fail.
  • Dyslexics are their own hardest critics.

Resources Mentioned:

The blog post Jo & I discussed in this chat


“If you have told a child 30 times and they still don’t get it.  It is not the child who is the slow learner.” (Walter Barbie)


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