LMD 043 : Howard Tinker – A Successful Dyslexic Entrepreneur

111Welcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast:

Welcome to the Luvin my Dyslexia Podcast. I am Stephen Anderson and this is session 43. Today I am speaking with a dyslexic entrepreneur Howard Tinker. I enjoy these chats with successful people and today have been just a great experience. Howard has a story similar to many of the people I have talked with on the show; He struggled through school and then blossomed when he moved past. Like many dyslexics, he loves learning and returns to it over and over and over again. Not being good at writing has not stopped him from authoring two books and several newsletters and volumes of advertising and marketing material. And one light bulb I got from Howard today is about writing. You see one of the genres of writing is copywriting where it is your job to write stuff to promote and sell stuff. This is a type of writing where you do not have to follow the grade school rules. Some of the best copywriters write like they talk and the people that are doing the reading feel like they are in a conversation with the author. I hope you enjoy our chat today.

Take Aways from this Episode:

Howard says he loves learning and growing and applying what he learned. No wonder he got so many accomplishments and still counting….

  • Run a marketing company
  • Employ people both in domestic and overseas
  • Written 2 books the industry on marketing for restaurants
  • Speaks to audiences and to all over the world
  • Educates people through online learning programs that he put up
  • Spoken to 700 people at once
  • Worked as a social worker in psychotherapist in the past
  • Got a social work certificate
  • Has Masters degree in Social Studies in Education, MA in education
  • Ended up being a social worker and worked in children home
  • Qualified as psychotherapist:
    – 4 years working with children with danger of going to prison
    – 2 years for children who tried to commit suicide
  • Set up a marketing company; marketing psychology products
    such as personal development, accelerated learning and hypnotherapy

Howard says:

I wanted to improve myself to be of service to other people that are my driving force, how can I be of more help to people.
I am not an expert I am just someone who adapted myself in the world around me so I could thrive with the gift of dyslexia.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Dyslexia didn’t really exist as a phenomenon that people knew about so the stupid label got applied , I lived up to it.

I have always felt like when it came to my spelling and writing until very recently, that I was not good enough.

I gave up trying, I was being measured against a standard that I could not live up to.

Now when I am frustrated by things I push through I go and look for other resources, I get people to help me, I will talk to google and to YouTube, I’LL FIND A WAY THROUGH!

So, If you don’t have dyslexia I am sorry but you are disabled like those who are gifted with dyslexia.

With Dyslexia, you are given an opportunity to think outside the box and you will be great.

“I am not an expert I am just someone who adapted myself in the world around me so I could thrive with the gift of dyslexia.” ~ Howard

Resources Mentioned:

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