LMD : 036 – Dr Lorraine Hammond. Leader in the Dyslexia Community.

14339345_1305479186139081_1402425603_oWelcome to The Luvin My Dyslexia Podcast:

Welcome to the Luvin my Dyslexia Podcast. I am Stephen Anderson and this is session 35.  Today I am speaking to Dr Lorraine Hammond, Professor at the school of education at Edith Cowan University, President of learning difficulties Australia, on the board of several independent public schools and quite frankly the go to girl if you want to know about explicit learning.  Virtually all of the experts I have spoken to so far on this show have pointed me to this lady.  This day I got the chance to sit at her feet and drink in a fountain of knowledge that left me completely overwhelmed.


Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Lorraine is working with schools in lower socioeconomic areas that are out performing schools from the “leafy suburbs”
  • Prevent the problems before they begin
  • When she first started teaching she had the assumption that all kids could read they just had to try harder
  • Instructional casualties
  • She was taught to reject explicit instruction.
  • As little as 50 schools across Australia are doing it right teaching our children to read
  • there is an enormous research to practice gap
  • we have an ideological discussion happening about reading that is largely based on ignorance
  • to learn something new kids need 24 to 70 repetitions
  • Some teachers can advance students 1 and a half years in one year and some just six months
  • Change a teachers practice not their belief


Resources Mentioned:

Noel Pearson: List of media reports



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